Old About Us

Tiyagah is an Australian based startup brand that designs, creates and markets athletic and casual apparel.

We are a brand with core values on hard work and perseverance.

Our mission is to become a leading company in style and sportswear innovation. 




Tiyagah literally means hard work and perseverance.
We believe that achieving any goal is both mental and physical. The mental requires perseverance and the physical involves hard work.

Tiyagah precisely means hard work and perseverance. "Tiyaga" meaning perseverance in filipino and we added the "h" on the end to represent hard work. 


    Our Logo 

    Our logo tells a story of what can be achieved with hard work and perseverance.
    We all experience a point where we feel a mild pain or discomfort and our goals seem out of reach. 
    It is in this moment that we have two choices:
    To either give up and run away or to push through the mental barriers that hold us down
    and to move with perseverance.